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February 8, 2012
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The First Task by KyojiOgami The First Task by KyojiOgami
"I'm ready." said Twilight Sparkle.

"Well," Princess Celestia spoke assuredly, "Your first task is to retrieve a sacred Moon Stone from the bottom of the lake. But you cannot simply swim down and take it. You must split the waters like you do your mane--and only then, when the light of the full moon shines down upon it, will you fetch your prize.

Part 2 - [link]


Okay, so clearly I could use a ton more practice/direction on the background aspect, but I wanted to keep the focus simple (again??!).

I'm really pleased with this, background aside, and plan on doing a few more related to it.

I would definitely be interested in hearing what people think, as I think it's really demonstrating how far I've come along in the ongoing art learning process.
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This lake does not look to deep, still I wonder, how long Twilight had to focus her magic and walk in the lake to get to the stone, because even she can not use so much power for long, and doing it for more then 5 minutes would result in Twilight getting herself killed.
sam-says-what Apr 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Spike's face is the best part of the picture!
BB-K Feb 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It reminds me of Moses & Exodus.
I really like this, good work!
wait are they going to evolve a clefariy?!
What is this based off of? I'd really like to know.
Short answer: I dunno! I thought it would be interesting to show off how much of a BAMF Twilight Sparkle is. But the premise (tests performing y feats for x reward) is a pretty common trope in many other forms of literature and art, so it is very likely that something similar has been done elsewhere--but this picture specifically wasn't a reference to anything that I'm immediately aware of. Of course, if this exact idea/pic has been done elsewhere I would totally be interested in seeing it!
Well, you definitely got the BAMF down. I've always rather hoped they'd explore that more than Boast Busters did. With just how powerful she really is. Along that line, it'd be really amazing if they'd explore the whole flame rage shift and the power overload things. And you're right, that trope is all over. I just read someone else's comment about them having played that game, or wanting to play that game, and thought you were referencing something.
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